Images from Gaza-Palestine


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We quote “ There is a great woman beside every a great man “ . The Palestinian woman is unlike other women in this world. The Palestinian woman could be the daughter, wife, sister or mother of a prisoner, martyr or injured. She is a stone thrower, living martyr and freedom fighter. She is an inspiration for every woman as she smiles,works hard, revolts, rebels and dreams despite all what all difficulties she does through.

PS: There are 10 Palestinian women in the Israeli jails and 460 Palestinian women got killed by the Israeli occupation.


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This photo can show me two things; The first beautiful thing is the Palestinian children still achieve successes and try to draw smile in their lips despite all what they go through. They smashed the Guinness World Record for the largest-ever hand print painting , kites-flying and dribbling soccer balls.

The other painful part is the smokestack that exists in the Occupied Palestine. This other part of my country that every Palestinian dreams of going there. This part of Palestine that I can see but I can never reach. This doesn’t mean that Palestinians may loose the hope of moving one day freely in my country without Israeli checkpoints and borders.



This civilian home has been targeted by the Israeli warplanes. This home was a place for safety and peace. Seeing it on this way is now like a nightmare for its owners that they wish to wake up from. The continuous Israeli attacks on Palestine bring many images and memories from Nakba 1948 when Palestinians were forces to leave their houses with nothing but their keys and much hope of returning back to their homelands someday. This hope is still eagerly waiting.

DSC_0191 DSC_0151

Beach is the only possible destination to escape away from the reality . However, the beach became a dangerous place, and you may lose one of your family members there. Huda Ghalyeh witnessed the danger of Gaza beach while she was sitting with her family peacefully and enjoying the beautiful waves hugging Gaza shores. Her happiness was disrupted as Israeli navy shelled the beach. Huda Ghalyeh was the only survivor of her family due to the aggressive attack.



This image reminded me of some of every human being’s rights that every Palestinian is deprived from. “ Freedom and Peace “ have been always names for a song or headlines in a newspaper no more and no less. Everyone on this earth can tell you passionately about what freedom feels like but no Palestinian can do so. Palestinians live in an open air prison with Israeli checkpoints and borders. Every Palestinian is sick from hearing the repeated word “ YOU CAN’T “ . Palestinians will keep fighting until they figure out what freedom means.


Author’s Note : All the photos have been taken by Reham Ghazali . She is a photographer living in the Gaza strip.


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