Despite our difficulties, we keep on saying "On this land what is worth living""


I spent 4 hours alone at home today without electricity, listening to the awful sounds of the Israeli drones hovering over Gaza Sky and the generators. Being in such a situation makes me think deeper so I brought my mobile phone to write on as I had no charge left in my laptop. After writing many things about my life as a young woman living in the besieged Gaza strip, I came out with a personal theory which is ‘living in the Gaza strip is an inspiration to every Palestinian.’

Scales overturned in Palestine especially in Gaza. People outside use candles to create a romantic atmosphere but Gazans use them to give some light to escape the darkness that we live. Candles in Gaza burn themselves in order to give light to Gazans just as so many Gazans are so generous in their self-sacrifice for their citizens. When I was In Stockholm, my friend used to turn candles on whenever we have dinner. I used to make fun of the symbolic differences between candles in Gaza and Stockholm. I wanted to bring some of her candles back home with me so I use them in as she did, for a nicer atmosphere, whenever I want to, not whenever I have to!

Most of the people outside are addicted to music and songs which make the person relaxed and makes his mood better. However, as usual, things are different in Gaza. The Israeli drones would have a louder volume than our songs do. Therefore, we won’t be able to fully enjoy listening to music and separate ourselves from horror hovering above us outside. (PS: You will never be able to imagine how annoying their sound is until you try it.)

Ordinary people stay the whole night up to work, watch movies, or chat to friends and family and so on but Gazans have a sleeping clock which depends on the daily power-cut schedule at their homes. Two days ago, we heard six loud explosions nearby and it made me traumatized especially that they were one after another. After that Israel attack, I was very sleepy but I couldn’t sleep, fearing more bombs might fall at any moment and might target our house. Having these fears in mind didn’t let me go to sleep until I saw the daylight.

Two days ago, The United Nations published a report saying that Gaza will not be a ‘liveable’ place by 2020 due to the problems it has in water, electricity, health and education. It reminds us of a famous line of poetry that every Palestinian living in the besieged Gaza still quotes from the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, ‘On this land what is worth living’.


4 Responses

  1. Love it!

  2. Ah, Gaza. Yes, recently there was a power outage here in the U.S. and it was major news. No electricity for a day! People were outraged! And I thought to myself…”Yet, we sit by while the people in Gaza have been experiencing outages day in and day out for years now.” How much we take for granted. You’ve captured it well, Tamam.

  3. I really liked your piece of writing despite the bad things we live every moment. You convey the real fact to the West and people who don’t know. Thanks! I’m Gazan enjoy that music and candles! Adapt to everything!!

  4. Thank you all for your comments .

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