Khader Adnan is the freedom fighter with an empty stomach


Khader Adnan is the true human being,the real man and the Palestinian hero who doesn’t accept to insulatation and humilitation. Khader Adnan is the voice of every oppressed human being under oppressing country. Khader Adnan is the legend of this age . Khader Adnan is the unforgettable person in every true human being ‘s memory .

Khader Adnan is a leader in the Islamic Jihad movement . Khader Adnan got arrested in 17th of February at 3 am in front of his two beautiful,pure children ,wife and mother for no charges . Being in the Israeli jails without any charges and reasons and without having a trial means that he’s is an administrative prisoner . In 17th of February when Khader got arrested , He asked the jailers to make him free but they ignored him . Later, Khader made his mind up to start a hunger strike .His hunger strike continued for 66 days .These 66 days of patience ,love , struggle and courage and resistance didn’t make him weaker but made him stronger and stronger. Despite the international and local silence , Despite the violations and crimes that Israel commits against him and every Palestinian ,Despite the media that doesn’t cover his just cause , He went on his hunger strike with high spirits and steadfastness until they make his demands true and his will .At the end, determination won over the violent Israeli acts .

In Gaza, Some Palestinians made a solidarity tent for Khader Adnan in front of ICRC . I won’t lie and say that it’s not frustarting to see a countable number of people in the tent .Athought alot of people were watching him dying silently ,I kept going and supporting him . Something made me very happy and optimistic when I was in the tent; A former , deported prisoner with his 2 children come everyday to the tent and those little children know everything about Khader Adnan . Once I asked his little girl Dua’a “ Why are you coming here? “ .She answered me with a shy voice “ I come here for uncle Khader Adnan as he’s been in hunger strike for many days “ . This makes me believe that our children will not forget our Palestinian caus and will work for it as our ancestors did .

After watching Khader Adnan ‘s health is getting worse and worse silently and after the killing silence in Palestine and in other countries ,We tweeps decided to make hash tags  (#KhaderAdnan,#Khaderexists,#dyingToLive,#HungryForJustice,#KhaderIsAlive, #KhadersVictory4Palestine) and make them trend worldwide so we can pay more attention to Khader Adnan ‘s cause.

Today the high Israeli court issued a sentence for Khader Adnan which is to be in the prison for 14th of April and not to renew the administrative detention for him . As the Israeli court met his demands , He decided to break his hunger strike . Palestinians celebrated this victory and distributed some sweets as he will live and his health will get better .Tweeps made another hash tag trend globally to celebrate Khader Adnan’s winning which is “#khadersVictory4Palestine” as he won the battle with an empty stomach.

Khader Adnan in the winner with a peaceful weapon and the winner will never die . Khader Adnan brought another bright page to the Palestinian history . Khader Adnan is the true hero , Ghandi of Palestine , the living martyr and the freedom fighter . Khader Adnan succeeded in making the Palestinians’ heads higher and higher but the Israelis’ heads lower and lower.


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