My father’s memories in The First Intifada


(Some photos from The First Intifada)

Hearing some stories of my father’s memories,Opening twitter where everyone is tweeting about The First Intifada .­­This Intifada brings many awful memories to my parents . My dad remembers when my sister Shahd was born and he wasn’t with my mum to share her the most difficult moments of pregnancy , When my dad was free but wasn’t allowed to be with his wife because Israelis were following his movements, ,when my grandmother hid the knives under the sand because she was afraid of Israelis to stab one of her sons and when Palestinians have and still having the biggest dream which is seeing Palestine free.

There is a hash tag on Twitter called "# Intifada1" and I wanted to write something about the first Intifada. But I wasn’t born in that time so I asked my dad to tell me some of his stories during the first Intifada . Here is a funny and awful story from my father’s memories ."During the Golf War 1, Dad was sitting home when suddenly the door was knocked by a soldier summoning my father to the Israeli Prison Administration. Dad assumed the worst and prepared his carrying bag and followed the soldier to the prison. He walked in with his head held high and everyone was looking at him so shockingly. He was questioned about the carrying bag by the leader of the prison and he replied with a look of challenge "ready for imprisonment." They smiled and told him sarcastically that this wasn’t the reason why they summoned him but it was because they wanted people to stop chanting on the roof "Allahu Akbar" when Saddam, the former prisoner of Iraq, shelled Israel. Dad has the character of leaders and due to that they were quite sure that he could help at stopping that exciting reaction of people. But Dad acted like a fool and relied to them sarcastically "I can’t control my wife, so how come you expect me to control the reaction of people to hearing Israel getting shelled and then he was making fun of them and he told them " What about giving me a permission to go to see cells of bees which I have in beit Hanoun " and the Israeli soldier replies " Abu Majed, Go Go ." " My father said.


And now Israel is bombing Gaza in the anniversary of The First Intifada to remind us of the martyrs , prisoners and people who are suffering but through this blog entry they will know that the Palestinian generations will never forget the memories of their ancestors.


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  1. May Allah Bless all of you dear Sister!

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