A murder crime at university!


My parents always support me to get the highest mark and to achieve my dreams. I worked, still working and will work so hard to let my wishes come true. I did get a high mark in the high school in order to study in a good university but it didn’t change my life. I’m getting old because of thinking of the Palestinian future how it would be ? Would it be positive or negative ? I was born with a very pure mind , thinking that whatever I want will be done just like if I were in Heaven but it never happens.

Walking at the street, staring at people like if they were strange creatures, thinking of everything happens with me , getting shocks of how Palestinians live , talking about traveling to anywhere and borders and dreaming of shiny future for every Palestinian . Every Palestinian dreams of a beautiful Gaza and none-limited future, but I always say that we are dreamers!

Everyone should think of what "university" means, Of course everyone will think it’s a place to educate, create social relations and go to a new world. In Gaza every thing is different; University is a place to take revenge (to kill ) . For example : My friend came to me with a pale face telling me there is a murder crime, I asked her with a shocked face " Why!!!!" , " As usual it’s because of some girls and silly things " she said. I was very afraid and not feeling well , I went to get some details from my teacher, " The killer stab a guy’s neck by a knife and the guy was bleeding but afraid to get out from the hall in order to rescue his life " he said. My friend has just arrived my home telling me that the 19 years old murder guy killed by mistake.

I imagine if the murdered guy were a close one for me! I can’t describe my feeling but what I want to say that I want my children to live in a fertile land where the wishes come true and to fill their lives with peace , safety and pureness. I just want to create my own world!


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  1. yeah, i agree with you!
    keep dreaming, you’ll be what you want to be one day

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