However physically separated, Occupied Palestine is still part of me


I can’t stop listening for Fairoz songs as they remind me of Jerusalem;They remind me when I was running in the streets of Jerusalem,singing and shouting with a loud voice " For you Jerusalem I pray every day" .

I was happy for being in the capital of my country for the very first time but there was a knife stabbing me inside—the sight of Israelis and internationals being able to move in the city freely, while I had a very limited 3-day permission by Israelis in the so-called Israeli lands (originally the land of historic Palestine which was occupied in 1948) As soon as we arrived in Jerusalem, we called my father’s friend who spent 15 years in the Israeli prison with my dad to tell him that we would love to visit him in the West Bank. I was like  a bird flying over the sky when I knew that I might visit Bethlehem. But unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky, because simply Israelis gave me the permission to move only in the Israeli land (occupied Palestine), but not in the Palestinian lands.

As I write, my tears are falling down my face, thinking of how to describe the Holy Land and my trip to Jerusalem. I can’t even describe my feelings when I knew I couldn’t reach my country in the West Bank.

My Christian friend "Rana" is going to Jerusalem and the West Bank for religious rituals as Christmas is approaching. But the question is that do I have to be Christian to visit my own land ?! I know they have the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem and other churchs, but also we have Al Aqsa Mosque there. It’s not just Al Aqsa mosque, I have my homeland and the capital of my country which is about 78 km away from me.

Yesterday, my friends asked me if I had to choose between visiting Jerusalem or Paris, what my choice would be? They were sure I would choose Paris, but to their amazement, my tears started rolling down my face even before I could say one word. After wiping my tears, I said to them: "You can’t imagine how beautiful Jerusalem is, the smell of its air and land is different."

God, every morning I wake up from a beautiful dream that Palestine is free .Will this dream ever come true?


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  1. this article can show the whole world that’s what happens with us is so unfair
    it’s a very annoying something to watch other people moving in your land freely but you walk like a stranger in your own country! oh god! that’s just so …

    I loved your pure love for this peace of land which i just keep hearing you talk about it with great passion and admiration and i just watch your way of speaking about it and how you describe it every time like you have just back yesterday from it

    U make my love for Palestine gets bigger every time i see you :))

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