A murder crime at university!


My parents always support me to get the highest mark and to achieve my dreams. I worked, still working and will work so hard to let my wishes come true. I did get a high mark in the high school in order to study in a good university but it didn’t change my life. I’m getting old because of thinking of the Palestinian future how it would be ? Would it be positive or negative ? I was born with a very pure mind , thinking that whatever I want will be done just like if I were in Heaven but it never happens.

Walking at the street, staring at people like if they were strange creatures, thinking of everything happens with me , getting shocks of how Palestinians live , talking about traveling to anywhere and borders and dreaming of shiny future for every Palestinian . Every Palestinian dreams of a beautiful Gaza and none-limited future, but I always say that we are dreamers!

Everyone should think of what "university" means, Of course everyone will think it’s a place to educate, create social relations and go to a new world. In Gaza every thing is different; University is a place to take revenge (to kill ) . For example : My friend came to me with a pale face telling me there is a murder crime, I asked her with a shocked face " Why!!!!" , " As usual it’s because of some girls and silly things " she said. I was very afraid and not feeling well , I went to get some details from my teacher, " The killer stab a guy’s neck by a knife and the guy was bleeding but afraid to get out from the hall in order to rescue his life " he said. My friend has just arrived my home telling me that the 19 years old murder guy killed by mistake.

I imagine if the murdered guy were a close one for me! I can’t describe my feeling but what I want to say that I want my children to live in a fertile land where the wishes come true and to fill their lives with peace , safety and pureness. I just want to create my own world!



I can’t write about myself and people who I reallu love, so I thought of another way to tell anybody about me and my life . Here are some photos were taken during my beautiful and ugly days.


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Palestine is Stroger with A free Egypt


We, Palestinian youth, refuse to use Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian cause as a tool to hit the great Egyptian revolution.
Egypt is witnessing a new wave of revolution led by the brave Egyptian youth who rejects SCAF’s hijacking their revolution. As the youth are resisting the oppression by the security forces, the Muslim Brotherhood called for a million man march in solidarity with Jerusalem.
We consider this invitation a detour on all Egyptian movements and sectors who announced tomorrow Friday a million man march to bring down Marshal Tantawi.
The Muslim Brotherhood has the right to take their decision in internal Egyptian issues. But we refuse MB taking the lead of the Arab tyrants who systematically used the Palestinian cause as a tool to practice their oppression.
The freedom of Al-Aqsa and Palestine does not come from stepping on the dignity of the Arab people.

We are in solidarity with the heroes of Tahrir Square and all the Egyptian cities. Palestine is stronger with a free Egypt.

.In solidarity with our Egyptian neighborhood in Tahir

نص موجه:

إلى الإخوان المسلمين (مصر)، و مثيلتها حركة حماس (غزة)، على لسان اخوتي الذين ماتوا دون العهد، و صمّوا بوعدهم أذنَ الرعد، و رفاقي الذين أزهقوا الروح لا متخليين عن عزّتهم و قيمهم و صدقهم، و سقط الشيطانُ دون أن يثنيهم عن وعدهم و طهرهم..

خارجون نحن من دينكم، ما دام أمثالُكم معتنقيه، يكذبون على السماء ويكفرون بها، ويجعلون من زراقها سواداً، و يخونون العهدَ و الوعد. خارجون من عمركم القذر إلى إلهنا الذي علّمنا الحبَ و الحرب، مِثلُكم لم يعرفوا الصدقَ يوماً، مثلكم لن يعرفوا الصدق يوماً، مثلكم لن يكونوا يوماً!

غداً، سنشرق دونكم فإلاهنا أصدق من كذبكم، أجمل من قبحكم، أعلى من منابركم.. لكم دينكم ولنا دين!

بقلم :جنين اليازوري

However physically separated, Occupied Palestine is still part of me


I can’t stop listening for Fairoz songs as they remind me of Jerusalem;They remind me when I was running in the streets of Jerusalem,singing and shouting with a loud voice " For you Jerusalem I pray every day" .

I was happy for being in the capital of my country for the very first time but there was a knife stabbing me inside—the sight of Israelis and internationals being able to move in the city freely, while I had a very limited 3-day permission by Israelis in the so-called Israeli lands (originally the land of historic Palestine which was occupied in 1948) As soon as we arrived in Jerusalem, we called my father’s friend who spent 15 years in the Israeli prison with my dad to tell him that we would love to visit him in the West Bank. I was like  a bird flying over the sky when I knew that I might visit Bethlehem. But unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky, because simply Israelis gave me the permission to move only in the Israeli land (occupied Palestine), but not in the Palestinian lands.

As I write, my tears are falling down my face, thinking of how to describe the Holy Land and my trip to Jerusalem. I can’t even describe my feelings when I knew I couldn’t reach my country in the West Bank.

My Christian friend "Rana" is going to Jerusalem and the West Bank for religious rituals as Christmas is approaching. But the question is that do I have to be Christian to visit my own land ?! I know they have the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem and other churchs, but also we have Al Aqsa Mosque there. It’s not just Al Aqsa mosque, I have my homeland and the capital of my country which is about 78 km away from me.

Yesterday, my friends asked me if I had to choose between visiting Jerusalem or Paris, what my choice would be? They were sure I would choose Paris, but to their amazement, my tears started rolling down my face even before I could say one word. After wiping my tears, I said to them: "You can’t imagine how beautiful Jerusalem is, the smell of its air and land is different."

God, every morning I wake up from a beautiful dream that Palestine is free .Will this dream ever come true?

The beautiful days are yet to come


( Nour,Gege,Mariam and I )

Some things affect your life badly, Actually everything has its effect on everything in my life but most of the things affect it in a bad way. But here I’m with my new life and new people who are trying to teach me how to live the moment and to achieve whatever I think about. No matter if the things are wrong or right, I JUST WANT TO BE THE HAPPIEST EVER .

I had the best friendship relation for 5 years but it ended, and to be honest ;the end of this relation affects me so much in the way that I trust and treat people. But here I’m telling you about this relation for the first time which means that I’m getting stronger.

When I was in Tawgehi, I always kept saying to my parents " I don’t want to study in the university’ . It’s not about the university, the specialization. But it’s about the people who I’m going to spend four years of my life with them . I know nobody but my COUSINS( the ones who make me laugh deeply).

The first day of my university came as I’m English-French student but I skipped it .But I knew that going to the university is the last choice. In the first lecture, I talked to my colleagues as I have known them since ages. I got along with them fast, trusted them, hung out with them and even lived the most beautiful moments with them.

Hearing the drops of the rain falling in my room’s window under my heavy and warm blankets, making some wishes as I’m sure that God is going to make them true and thinking of the beautiful and crazy moments which are coming.

My mobile rang, It was "Nour and Gege" to wake me up from this awesome weather and remind me of Nour’s birthday (It means that this day is going to be different).

YES! It was different; I went to the school, Gege and Nour were waiting for me and they told me: "let’s not to attend our lectures today" , I agreed without knowing what we are going to do and where we are going to. We stayed for a while in the school ,and we started playing and carrying each other . The guard of the university came and kept shouting at us: " The university is not a place to play in it and you girls are old enough so stop playing ". I got in a shock, but we didn’t care. Another friend suggested to walk in the street ,so we walked under the rain holding each other hands and filming our crazy day despite the policeman who must take care of his citezens was looking and following us .

While we were walking in the street as we are deaf and blind ; We just hear and see the beautiful things in the street, Gege kept telling me " You are going to be a part in my novels that I’m going to write in the future" and Nour kept saying to me" Look at the awesome weather and enjoy every single moment" and now I’m writing to you hearing Mariam saying " YAY Everything is awsome ‘Jameel’ ".

Everyone can create the happiness by himself and the beautiful moments don’t have an end.