I love the fact that you’re my mother!


( My unique dad and mum )

"My parents and my siblings present a very precious part in my life, But my mother has a whole special part.

My 45-year-old mother works as a nurse at a UNRWA clinic in Gaza. Her work demands her much time, but she can always pay more attention to her family more than work. She gives us a lot of time listening for us, keeping our secrets , and telling us her experiences so that we can learn from her. Above all she cooks our favorite food . She is a strong woman who passed through lots of obstacles during my father’s imprisonment. Also she has a very kind heart; She is the only person who stands by my side, inspires me and makes me love to be a mother".

Two days ago , I wrote this essay for my school and decided to let my mother read it on her birthday.

Her birthday comes which is today (25 October) and she read the first sentence then she told me "please mama I don’t want to complete reading it because I will not stop crying if I read it ", But she read it and as she told me, she cried so much. I started laughing at her and asking myself why she is crying.

As I arrived home from my school, I started playing, kissing and hugging her continually while she was washing the dishes in her second room ( I mean the kitchen) without telling her Happy Birthday and giving her a lot of kisses .

During talking with her, I asked her to carry me as she used when I was baby , she smiled and replied ‘I didn’t sleep at all while your legs were broken when you were 5 years old, and I was just moving from window to another to calm you down’, I didn’t give her any expressions and preferred to stay silent.

I always think when I become a mother, I won’t be as awesome as my mother is Because simply she is the best mother I have ever seen and met.

I know that these words won’t be enough to describe my love , appreciation and respect for you. Briefly I just love the fact that you are my mother and I am your daughter.


One Response

  1. Aaaaaaaaaa5! thats amazin!
    you are just Lucky!
    i would like to meet her soon

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