Jerusalem is close but so far to be reached

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(Some of the photos that I took during my trip to JERUSALEM ,Tel Aviv and Jaffa)

While I was falling asleep, I thought of my capital Country ‘Jerusalem’. I brought a pen and a paper and started writing without stopping.

When my mom  took my elder sister and brother to Jerusalem I was really jealous .and I shouted at her saying “ take me with you mom , please” but I didn’t go with them  , and since  then I was dreaming of visiting Jerusalem like my sister did .

My dream was achieved last summer when an Israeli organization called’ Creativity for peace’ coordinated for me to be interviewed in the American Embassy in Jerusalem to get the visa , and what a beautiful dream it was , I still remember everything I did , every sight I saw , and every single smell , despite all the things happened  to me and my mom  by  the Israeli  soldiers they were the best days ever .

I can’t forget the loud voice which was coming from a high window in Erez border ordering my mum to take off her scarf .Mum was shocked, but she followed her order as she was thinking of nothing but praying in Al Aqsa mosque .

They do not respect our religion ‘Islam’, Oh sorry! I mean they do not respect human beings, how will they respect other’s religions? !

I feel insulted and sad , when my international friends have the freedom to go everywhere in my own country but I can’t , I feel  how offended we are when I point at my home land but I can’t reach it .

Are they human beings but Palestinians are not ? Do they have dignity but we don’t ?!

I really want to ask Israelis leaders what is the exciting thing in killing people, destroying homes and capturing women ,children and old people without mercy !

Despite the deep pain, I still believe that Palestine one day will be free.


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  1. YOU don’t respect other people as human beings.I mean Jews and Israelis, whose history in the Land of Israel is recognized by the Koran itself but not by you and your Palestinian Arabs.Jewish sovereignty was forcibly ended by the Romans in 70 AD after 1000 years of Jewish kingdoms, and the Jews’ latter day return to their ancestral and biblical homeland can never be equated with “occupation”. And what else was the Arab Conquest of the 7th century but occupation??? It’s so obvious, that it amazes me to think you expect your continuous whining posts and massive omissions will delude any reader with a brain and an ounce of fairness in their soul. Jerusalem’s sanctity derives from the Jews, and your al Aksa was built there precisely to “supplant” the Jews’ holiest Temple. IN YOUR DREAMS, MAYBE, BUT NEVER EVER IN OUR HEARTS AND SOULS.

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